MSSPX Automates Firewall Virtualization

MSSPX (not their real name) came to Corsa Security looking for a platform that enables them to automate firewall virtualization and launch a profitable new service. In addition to reducing their operational costs, they also wanted to improve service delivery and leverage the same platform for additional revenue opportunities.

Download our case study to discover the benefits realized by MSSPX using the Corsa Security platform to automate firewall virtualization.



In this case study you will learn:

  • What challenges MSSPX was looking to solve and their key requirements
  • How the Corsa Security platform was deployed to solve these challenges
  • Which benefits were realized by MSSPX by using the Corsa Security platform

Read the case study to see how MSSPX was able to successfully migrate its customers’ physical firewalls to virtual instances by leveraging the Corsa Security platform.

Download the case study